Giuseppe Pepe is a talented graphic designer and instagramer, who was born in 1986 in Sicily, Italy and currently based in Ibiza, Spain. Giuseppe passionates about photography, music, DJing & nighlife. He began his successful Instagram project #LoosingMyMind in November 2014 which has become his creative outlet for everything that inspires him. This is a photographic project based on anti-selfie, in an era where everything is fake, where everything is designed to appear, even a simple photo has lost its spirit due to the editing.

The idea for the #LoosingMyMind project came to Pepe one day on the beach: conceived as a statement against the fake, perfected beauty of over-edited photos, he took the idea a leap further by editing the heads out of the photos entirely, thus shifting the focus and interest to the graphics and the edit itself. In a way, it is the ultimate anti-selfie concept.

– Giuseppe Pepe

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